Game: The name of the game

Emulator version: What version of mupen64

Android Info: What version Android

Playable: Can it enter a game and play?

FPS In Game: What FPS does the game run on with or without sound (Not the menu)

Sound: Does sound play? Async/Sync

Notes: User notes about the game about how well it plays, what settings, playability, and/or other information

Games List Edit



Emulator Version

Android Info



FPS In Game

Graphic Bugs


The Legend of Zelda Ocarania of time 2.1.0


Y Y average minor Plays fine.
Goldeneye 007 2.1.0 4.0.4 Y Y avg minor plays fine
Perfect Dark 2.1.0 4.0.4 N Y n/a black screen menus mostly load_alright, gameplay_loads but_screen_is_black
Majora's Mask 2.1.0 4.0.4 Y Y low minor opening scene plays very slowly

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